Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Break in the Clouds...

Here are a few monsoon photos I've taken over the last few weeks. A typical day during monsoon has dense cloud coverage, which obscures the views of the surrounding foothills and valleys. But, when the clouds break, the views are breathtaking.
View of the hills east of Woodstock. Photo taken from campus.

Clouds whisping through town. Photo taken in the bazaar.

Clouds covering the bazaar. Photo taken from campus.

Ferns coat the trees from top to bottom. Photo taken on the Chukar.

Twin orchids in bloom. Photo taken on the Chukar.

Woodstock dorms (where I live!) with Dehradun in the valley. Photo taken on campus.

Rain passing through the Doon Valley. Photo taken on campus.

Sunset over Mussoorie. Photo taken on campus.

Laura walking home from school in a downpour with a Woodstock essential: a colorful umbrella!

Hills to the east of Woodstock. I live in the building farthest to the right. Photo taken on campus.

Yellow flowers basking in the elusive sunshine. Photo taken on Bear Hill.

Monsoon graffiti! Names scratched into moss by students. Photo taken on campus.

A fern with brown tips. Photo taken on campus.

The sun is shining more these days and the ferns are turning brown. Mornings and evenings are chilly with frequent storms that signal a change in season. I'm looking forward to sunny days and clear views of the snow covered Himalayas on the horizon, but I'll miss the majestic clouds rolling in and out.


Katie said...

Just beautiful! Great photos, Nan. Makes me wish I didn't live in an urban metropolis.

Kayla said...

amazing! Just beautiful!