Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Fall Break in Delhi

We had our fall break last week and I headed down with 6 other staff members to Delhi. Saahil, from Delhi, organized the trip. We took the evening train Wednesday and returned Sunday. It was a good change of pace from Woodstock, but I am happy to
be back. We stayed mostly at Saahil's place in south Delhi (Friends Colony), but also spent a night at Kapil's nice house about a half hour south of Delhi.

Some Highlights:
-2 flat tires in 2 days
-seeing the Taj
-eating a salad
-trying on saris at a fancy boutique (and buying one)
-hanging out at our friends' houses (and not having to stay at a hotel or figure out any travel logistics)
-auto-rickshaws!!! my new favorite mode of transportation
-having the transmission fall out of the car and then running it over, only to realize that we had no brakes and then were stranded on the highway in extreme heat...yay!
-running late on saturday when the bomb blast happened a mere half-kilometer from where we were supposed to be had we been on time
-having indian friends fend off pesky beggars and street vendors in hilarious ways.
-making fun of indian accents (you are wery velcome)
-Dilli Haat at night (a nice craft market)
-returning to the mountains!!!!

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Anonymous said...

hmm..i see !! let me make a few corrections here.. not 2 flat tyres but one...transmission didnt fall out..water body konked off...hmm ..and i dont think we would have gone back the 'bomb blast' way in any case...haha..rest is all fine and presented in a very intersting way..love your house...most beautiful i have seen..just my types...kapil.