Monday, October 20, 2008

Rising Celebrity Status

The celebrity status of teachers definitely shot up after the staff talent show last week. There were maybe 10-12 performances with a grand finale at the end. I participated in a small dance number based on youtube's "Evolution of Dance" and then was in the grand finale bollywood dance. The students were SCREAMING. It was unreal. They loved seeing their teachers and dorm parents making fools out of themselves. They particularly liked our evolution of dance (which is a medly of American dances such as the twist, thriller, cotton eye joe, bye bye bye, big butts, etc). A week later, students are still coming up to me saying how good our dance was. And some long-time Woodstockers have even said it was the best thing they've seen in big deal. The bollywood dance was equally entertaining since about half of the staff (including myself) had no previous bollywood skills. Bollywood is an Indian film genre that is sort of like an American musical in the sense that there is a lot of singing and corresponding dancing. If you understand Hindi, it is easy to make it look like you know what you are doing since you basically act out whatever they are singing about. However, if you don't know Hindi, it is really easy to look like a fool!

Evolution of dance (I'm in the middle). This was the brady bunch song :)

My spotlight dance during the bollywood with friends Darab and Mandy. Mandy and I always thought that our song was about wiping your face, but it is really about a "white, white face," or something.

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