Saturday, August 15, 2009

Jai Hind!

The 15th of August marks India's Independence (1947). Woodstock fully celebrates the holiday with a ceremony, dance, delicious food, and beautiful clothing. Students and staff are asked to dress in national dress. Most people chose to wear fancy Indian outfits (sari, salwar kameez, kurta pajama, etc), but many other nationalities were represented. The colors are outstanding, especially in the dreary monsoon weather.

The night before Independence Day, three people came to do mehendi (henna) at Midlands. Mehendi is a tradtional form of skin decoration. Typically it is applied for weddings and festivals. It lasts for about two weeks.

Close up of mehendi.

Getting mehendi done. I got it on both sides of my right hand.

Laura and I on our way to the ceremony at the High School. We are wearing saris.

Students and staff peformed Indian music during the ceremony.

The 15th of August is also South Korea's Independence Day. The Korean students sang and peformed a traditional game at the ceremony.

After the ceremony, staff and high school students broke out their bhangra and bollywood moves at the dance before lunch.

After the dance, everyone congretated in the Quad for delicious Indian food and photos.

The Quad was decorated with marigolds and a colorful "rain tarp" that only slightly kept us dry.

Midlands girls showing off their national dress: Thai on the left and Tibetan on the right.

Ronita and Jerusha (fellow Midlands dorm parents) in their beautiful salwar kameez.

Posing with fellow Midwesterners :)

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Bill K. said...

Thanks for the posts, the pics, and the video clip. Woodstock is up to full steam by now! And in a few weeks the monsoon will be gone and the great Fall weather will envelope you.
Lots more adventures to follow!!