Thursday, December 10, 2009

Three Thanksgivings

Thanksgiving #1: We kicked off Thanksgiving with an early dorm staff celebration, which is quite an international crew. We managed to make most of the traditional food (except that Turkey is almost non-existent in India) among the Americans in the group while our Japanese, Indian, and Korean colleagues brought great additions like cheez bits, seaweed balls, indian cheetos, momos, etc!

Thanksgiving #2: The day of Thanksgiving, we had the annual dorm staff lunch at a fancy hotel in Mussoorie. We got to sit outside in the sunshine and then were served a fancy meal that was half Thanksgiving, half Indian and totally delicious.

Thanksgiving #3: Since we didn't get any time off for the holiday, we held our most traditional celebration with American friends (and a few international friends) the following Sunday. We had so much food and lots of merriment. We even had a kids room where we made pilgrim hats, colored, and had pillow fights. It was wonderful.

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