Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Winter Break Part V: Goa

I'm a pretty tolerant traveler, but the overnight bus from Mumbai to Goa definitely tested my travel endurance. The annoyances were well worth it; Goa proved to be a week of pure vacation.

Goa is famous for it's beaches and cheap beer. This combo attracts loads of foreigners every year. In fact, many Europeans make it their winter home for 5 months. (Americans are few and far between - I think we came across one during the whole week.) We steered clear of the popular beaches in hopes of a quiet and clean beach. Agonda is a small fishing town in southern Goa that proved to be the perfect spot for us. Though the town depends almost completely on tourism, the beach is not well known. I think in five years it will be quite popular, but for now it is still a quiet oasis. The beach was beautiful and sparsely populated. We stayed at a guest house across the road from the beach and spent our days swimming, sun bathing, body-surfing, reading, eating french fries, and playing cards. It was the perfect break from hectic travels.

This is what I looked like most of the week - beach bum!

Every night we would go out to a new restaurant directly on the beach. I like eating with my feet in sand.

Agonda Beach.

Local women on their evening commute.

I think the human to cow ratio is about 1-to-1 in Goa.

Out on a fishing boat.

A day outing to a new beach a little farther up the shore.

Downtown Agonda.

Hammocks are glorious.

Waiting for our daily order of french fries from our favorite restaurant.

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