Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter Vacation, Pt 1: Family and Friends

Two great perks of working at Woodstock are the free flight home after 18 months and a ridiculously long winter break. This year, both coincided and I got to enjoy a month at home as well as a week of traveling. Some highlights:

- Enjoying the insane amount of snow with snowshoeing and cross country skiing around our property.

The showroom with a new porch and roof!

Snowshoeing siblings on Christmas Eve.

Skiing with dad.

Skiing on a blustery day with mom.

-Christmas celebrations. First, Christmas eve at home with the traditional pasties and jello mold. Next, Christmas day in Rochester and Zumbrota with the Onkka relatives. Finally, Hotel Christmas with the Hegerles in Fargo.

The feast!

Church with Grandpa.

Erik and Carson

All the nieces and a nephew!

A bindi for Josie

Bowling is a tiring sport when you're 4.

Grace and Edie with animals galore.

-A Woodstock reunion in Minneapolis. Three of us who are still currently at Woodstock met up with others who are now living in Minnesota and Iowa.

Gossiping in the Mall of America :)

Delicious dinner at the Endo's.

The Endo's (my former Woodstock neighbors) make great hosts!

-A long overdue trip to Wilderness Canoe Base. We snowshoed, jumped in the frozen lake, and burned an old cabin down! It was wonderful to be back.

The bridge on a dreary winter day.

Relacing snowshoes - a more difficult project than you'd think!

Farewell Beavertail!

-Visiting so many friends!

A short visit with Kaitlin and Matti!

A visit from Leah.

Making delicious pizzas with Emma, Amy, Laura, and Maren in Baldwin.

A day in Northfield!

Reunited with Sarah!

Margaritas with Amy, Brady....

...Laura and Miriam.

And so much time spent with Laura!

-Dad's art exhibit in Eau Claire.

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Darius Cartmell said...

I wonder how difficult it is to replace a pair snow shoes? Another thing, it is tiring really for a 4 year old kid to play bowling, even if they're using the lightest ball on the house. By the way, why is the Beavertail burning there?