Saturday, February 19, 2011

Class Night 2011

Once a year, Woodstock reserves a night for all the advisors and students of each class to plan an activity. This year, I got to run frantically around the bazaar with my Grade 12 advisor group for a photo scavenger hunt. It turned out to be really fun and also exhausting. We had 2.5 hours to find the following 26 items. We got all but one.

Setting off on our adventure!

1. An advisee in a tree.

2. An advisee making naan.
Um, TAWA naan...

3. An advisee feeding a cow.
Can you believe that from 5pm to 10pm there was not a single cow between Woodstock and Library Bazaar? Where did they go!?!

4. An advisee brandishing a weapon.
Yes, a three-foot sword and helmet!

5. Three advisees in a rickshaw.

6. An advisee giving a ride to a rickshaw driver.

7. Your entire advisory group on the ferris wheel.

We submitted this video for the hunt. Extra photos for your viewing pleasure. NOTE: this is a man-powered ferris wheel. Pay attention to the guy spinning it in the video!

8. An advisee in the mouth of a lion.

9. An advisee riding a horse.

10. An advisee petting a giraffe.

11. An advisee couple wearing traditional Garhwali clothing.

12. One advisee shaving another advisee.

13. An advisee carrying a heavy item.

14. Four advisees performing as a group of street entertainers.

Attempt 1.

Attempt 2: Singing a Nepali song to the Nepali porters

15. An advisee autographing books at Cambridge bookstore.

16. An advisee wearing something outrageous.

17. An advisee holding a baby. Bonus for singing a lullaby.

18. An advisee achieving "hero" status on the test for Strong Men.
This is the one we didn't get. The Strong Men test is a machine that some man brings out onto the street that tests how strong your grip is. He was taking the day off.

19. Your entire advisory group forming a pyramid. Bonus if it's on the top of a building.
Asking a local man to take a photo of us on his roof is a funny interaction.

20. Your entire advisory group with a foreign tourist.
We found an Austrian couple to pose with. They were confused.

21. An advisee holding windchimes. Bonus for dancing with them.

22. An advisee in a Halloween mask.

23. An advisee on an escalator. Bonus if you get a 'pink lady' to join you.
This is the only escalator in Mussoorie, and perhaps within a 200km radius. It is at the aquarium and there are no photos allowed, so we took one from the street.

24. Your entire advisory group in one car.

25. An advisee begging for change.

26. Your entire advisory group being "Luminescent!"

The Class of 2011 has chosen the name "Luminescence," hence the photo.

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