Friday, February 24, 2012

A Brief Update and Travel Guide

Backpacking buddies on our way to one of many
overnight trains. Varanasi.
Greetings from Mussoorie! I'm slowly settling back into a routine at Woodstock, though it's proving to be more chaotic than I remembered. I apologize for the lack of updates. Calling the past three months a whirlwind is definitely not an exaggeration. From December 16 to January 28 I traveled Nepal and India, which was surprisingly not very exhausting. From January 25 to February 8 I hosted my parents. January 30 marked the beginning of staff meetings and February 8 the first day of the semester. Now I'm in the throes of school.

My goal is to share at least photos from my six weeks of traveling. As I get started, here is a google map (fancy, I know!) of where I went. If you click on it, it should give you more details.

More to come...

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