Saturday, October 20, 2012

Monsoon Recap

We've had clear skies for almost a month now. I've been negligent about updating, so this will be a quick overview of my fifth (whoa!) monsoon in Mussoorie.

I have a new advisor group again this year. Grade 10s. We spent a Friday night roller skating, eating piles of delicious Tibetan food, and even testing out Mussoorie's new Scary House.

There were many great expressions throughout the evening.

And a lot of awkward rollerskating!

Kalsang's Restaurant = the best.

I joined a group of staff and students for a weekend hike to nearby Jordi village. 

A transportable pickle shop! 

This is the scratch-your-chin moment when we realized
we didn't know where the students were. Hmmm...

Found them! Going the wrong direction.

Monsoon hikes are for those with good imaginations.

And a few random monsoon photographs.

Mussoorie often looks like it is perched on the edge of the

Shopping in the bazaar.

Eating a seasonal monsoon dessert.
It's hard not to wonder if the special
ingredient is mold...

Smokey clouds behind the bazaar.

A school "hallway."

My commute home - part 1

My commute home - part 2

View from my commute. You can see the Hostel
pool looking very tiny down the hill.

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