Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Onkka Family Art Department!

Due to the current short-staffing in my department, my mom was invited to volunteer for six weeks in the Junior School. My dad joined her for two weeks to help with the clay center. The time went quickly! Here are a few photos from their visit.

Mom's seventh grade T.T. partner.

They scared their competitors :)

Dad doing a demo for art students.

Making some game plans.

A night out at Doma's with Elsa.

The apple doesn't fall far.....laughing at student art work.

Everybody's queuing up for a Parent-Teacher conference!

A good visual of why Parent-Teacher conferences are
exhausting. Can you find me?

Mother-Daughter love.

Evening walk to Everest House.

Doing work...unfortunately this is what I did most of the
time they were here.

Mom's Grade 3 students.

So cute!

Family photo before Dad left.

Mom snapped this artistic shot while Elsa and I were
officiating at sports day.

Warming up for the staff relay!
Mom in action.

A sunny lunch at Char Dukan.

Mother Mary cleaning a saint.
Mom and Katie taking a chai break from saint painting!


Halloween Progressive Potluck

Our daily lunch spot in the tea garden
I don't think I took any of these photos. Credit goes to mom, dad, and Katie!

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