Friday, December 28, 2012

Winter Visitor

Will came to visit for three weeks. I met him in Delhi and we checked out some art galleries and restaurants for a couple days. He then joined me at Woodstock for my last week of exams and meetings. Without a regular schedule of classes, I had quite a bit of time to show him around. Here are a few pics from his visit. 

(After a week in Mussoorie we headed to South India - photos to come!)

The beginning of the Mussoorie tour - Cozy Corner!

We added to the napkin collection at Kalsangs.

Haircut, clean shave, head massage, and an eyeball rub!
All for about $1.50.
Bandarpunch looking her best from Flag Hill.

Will sketching the mountains.

One of many social events: Masterchef Leftovers! (We
brought all the food items we wanted to get rid of before
the holidays and divided into two teams for a cook-off.)
Will was on the winning team.

I was not.

Paintings in the Buddhist temple in Happy Valley.

Happy Valley's Flag Hill.

Final Staff Banquet.

Bandarpunch at sunset.

Mussoorie and the Winterline (a natural phenomenon).

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Bill Kinzie said...

Banderpunch at sunset and the winterline pic are two of my very favorites. Enjoy the winter break!