Tuesday, March 6, 2012


From Kathmandu we flew directly to Calcutta, the former capital of India. I didn't have a particular reason for wanting to visit other than to see how it compared to Mumbai and Delhi. It was probably the least exciting stop in our travels, but a large portion of that was due to feeling sick and low on energy. (This is where I can brag that my relatively mild stomachache in Calcutta was the only illness I faced during six weeks of travels...not too shabby!) We also stayed at a really strange hotel, which tinted our experience. The highlight was meeting up with some Woodstock coworkers who are native Calcuttans and eagerly showed us a few sites. We also had the best banana lassis, saw the famous Howrah bridge, were totally overwhelmed in the flower market, and nearly died trying to cross a major street. This was without a doubt the closest I've ever come to being floored by a bus. We quickly learned that traffic in Calcutta is unrelenting. 

The crazy flower market. Not a woman in sight!
Found a woman!
Photo Cred: Kate

Marigold wallah.

Howrah Bridge.
The tiny elevator (old enough to
require an elevator man) at our hotel.
Photo Cred: Kate

Hotel mailboxes.
Photo Cred: Kate

"Modern Art" at the hotel.
Photo Cred: Kate

Dinner with Swati, Aloke, and Amitavo (photographer).

Victoria Memorial.

Yellow Ambassadors.

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