Sunday, March 4, 2012


While in Nepal we took a side-trip to Pokhara, a highly visited backpacker destination northwest of Kathmandu. Everyone in Kathmandu asked us if we'd be going there and then would always proceed to tell us that it was "so clean and so nice" - two good reasons to check it out! We hopped on a horrible bus (actually quite nice compared to a local bus, but the fact that it - and about 30 others - existed for the sole purpose of shuttling tourists to Pokhara everyday made me feel gross) and landed in Pokhara 6 hours later. While the town definitely was heavily catered to tourism (and not particularly "clean"), it was definitely refreshing to see mountains and a lake.

We quickly got a sense of the shops and excellent restaurants on offer downtown, so were eager to get out and see some sites. We boated, hiked, and went to a hilarious Himalayan Mountaineering museum. I was itching for some off-the-beaten-path adventure, so opted for renting bikes and exploring the less touristy parts of the town. I love maps and navigating. I also apparently love throwing myself into the chaos of Nepali (same as Indian) traffic. Kate and I traveled down crazy traffic-jammed thoroughfares, small, narrow side streets, and wide-open scenic highways to reach a Tibetan settlement. It was fantastic. 

So happy to be by a lake.
Photo Cred: Kate

Rock cairns also make me happy.

Sunrise hitting the Annapurna range and the Pokhara

Machupucchare ("Fish Tail") peak poking
out of my head. It's one of the only unclimbed
peaks left in Nepal.

In case you thought our sunrise was peaceful...

Himalayan Mountaineering Institute

The saddest taxidermy I've ever seen.

Just chillin' by the doghouse.

New Friend!

Main street of Pokhara with the peaks peeking out.

Boating Part 1. Pretty excited to get a boat sans boatman.
Photo Cred: Kate

Even more excited to go boating a 2nd and 3rd time!

Photo Cred: Kate

We paddled across that lake and then hiked up the
hillside... the World Peace Pagoda.

Bike ride scenery.

Inside the Tibetan Monastery, under the shadow of

Young monk dormitory.

Temple and dormitory.

Handmade prayer flag shop.
Photo Cred: Kate
The printing set-up.

Biking (quite peaceful once we got out of the city).
Photo Cred: Kate
I tried taking photos while biking downhill. This
is one of the only that isn't blurry.

I think this is after I almost died. It's a better idea to stop
to take a photo. 
Photo Cred: Kate

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