Sunday, May 20, 2012

Rajasthan Activity Week: Part 2

From Jaipur we took an overnight train to Jodhpur (this time without losing any students!). Our Jodhpur stay was unfortunately characterized by sicknesses: by the end of our trip 8 out of 10 were on medication of some sort. I managed to stay healthy and took on the medic role. The downside was having to stay back with three sick girls on the day the group went to see indigo block-printing - reason to return to Jodhpur, I guess! 

After a day spent with the sickos at the hotel, we managed to rally for a dinner out on the town. Jodhpur is known as the "Blue City." We picked a rooftop restaurant in the heart of the old city to get a view of the blueness at sunset. It was great!
The girls.

Aerial view reveals a lot of trash.

The chaperons.

We took a trip to the main fort of Jodphur on our second day in the city. It is pretty incredible. I loved the current exhibit of paintings and also got some time to sketch with the girls.

A cute bunch!
Photo Cred: Rebecca

A trio of sketchers.
Photo Cred: Rebecca

On our last day in Jodhpur, we took a craft tour of rural villages. We saw pottery, an opium ceremony, and dhurrie weaving. 

Charging up the wheel.

Opium wallah.

He had fun telling our girls ridiculous things.
Photo Cred: Rebecca

8th graders don't need opium, their wiring is already
pretty jumbled.

A feast! (It was an auspicious day in the village, so they
forced us to eat special food and sweets.)

Baby basket.


Jeep ride.

Dhurrie weaver.

I showed them my Rajasthan Lonely Planet book - they
got a kick out of seeing their business in it!

The assortment of facial expressions accurately reflects
 our reaction to the whole dining experience. (Where
 are we? Why are there 6 different types of animals?)

Our hosts?

A few of our dining companions.

Our stay in Jodhpur could also be characterized by indulgences - a beautiful hotel, great food, and a mehendhi break!
Photo Cred: Rebecca

If this isn't the best logo, I don't know what is. Nothing
says soda water like India King. BAM. Party in your mouth!
Photo Cred: Rebecca

Another nice soda water logo.

Afternoon swimming at the hotel. Rough life!

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Bill K. said...

Nan, thanks for taking the time to put up these posts! It is the posting and blogging faculty at Woodstock that help me keep up with my favorite school. Great pics..interesting adventures and places. Bill K.