Saturday, August 27, 2011

Bandarpunch, A Few Additional Snapshots

A few additional snapshots of the Bandarpunch Trek, thanks to the photo sharing that we have been doing. Enjoy!

Walking buddy, Zach, and me in front of the frozen river.
Photo Cred: Devan
I'm rockin' the mountaineering fashion during the snow skills class.
Photo Cred: Okies

Looking down the steep "grassy tufts" towards Base Camp. We climbed this route 2.5 times.
Photo Cred: Devan

Sunset sky at Advanced Base Camp.
Photo Cred: Devan

High alpine vegetation above the tree line.
Photo Cred: Devan

Inflated tents at the windy/rocky Advanced Base Camp.
Photo Cred: Devan

View of Advanced Base Camp nestled on the cliff and
enshrouded in monsoon clouds.
Photo Cred: Mariko
Just before the Ice Fall.
Photo Cred: Devan

Switching anchors at a flat spot on the Ice Falls.
Photo Cred: Devan

An enormous crevasse at the top of the Ice Falls.
Photo Cred: Devan

The summit looking deceivingly close.
Photo Cred: Okies

The slow trudge to the summit.
Photo Cred: Steve

The elusive view (which I think is towards Mussoorie). I was too dizzy/scared to turn around and enjoy it.
Photo Cred: Steve

The summit line-up. I'm somewhere in there - maybe 4 people ahead?
Photo Cred: Steve

A close-up of the powerful figure-eight/carabiner/jumar combo.
Photo Cred: Steve

This is what it looked like to the left.
Photo Cred: Steve

In sight of the summit! I'm the third standing person from the right.
Photo Cred: Steve

I saw three friends fall into (slash create) this hole. I learned from their mistakes and 
crossed it with one large leap. Everyone else just detoured around it, which is not nearly as exciting.
Photo Cred: Steve

Just chillin' at 20,722ft. No Big Deal.
Photo Cred: Okies

The descent.
Photo Cred: Okies

The morning after summiting we awoke to heavy snowfall. Our tents started to collapse
under the weight - the middle tent has four men in it
Photo Cred: Devan

Queuing for the ropework down the ice falls. You can see specks of people down to the right.
Photo Cred: Devan

Descent to Advanced Base Camp included sledding! (Well, without sleds - still a definite 
highlight of the day...I was laughing so hard I had tears freezing to my cheeks.)
Photo Cred: Steve

After the summit, the Okies took portraits. A handful of the team is not represented (they must have been napping!). Though a little scruffy, these people are the best team a expeditioner could ask for.

Zach - Vermont
Caleb - Colorado
Tim - England
Devan - Minnesota
Abe - Georgia
Kutty - India
Rob - Canada
Kate - Michigan
Steve - Minnesota
Jesse - Canada
Ady - India
Taeyoung - Korea
Priya - Colorado
Sujay - India
Bethany - Georgia
Mariko - Japan


k said...

i like this post. my favorite is the photo you captioned as "slow trudge" and it looks like 2 people are running up the hill cause they were caught in mid-stabbing-the-ice action. ha! -kate

Nicole Suzanne Farley said...

This is a great post Nan - I especially love the portraits at the end. :)