Saturday, August 13, 2011

Home: The Wedding

A highlight of the summer was a trip home for my brother's wedding. Since most of my blog readers were at the wedding, I don't feel the need to write much. For those who weren't there, the ceremony and reception were at my parents' house in Baldwin. It was beautiful.

The truck served as the stage.

The Bride and Groom just before the wedding!

Patios behind the Workshop.

Handmade flags blowin' in the breeze.

The tent. 

Posing with the nieces and a nephew!

Friend Laura and Niece Kalli.

The siblings waiting for the Bride to walk down the aisle.

Grandpa Onkka giving a blessing.

The tent, as seen from across the road.

Reunion of Wolfe siblings.

Uncle Scott with grandson Enzo.

Live music from Brian and Sheralyn!

Do I have to admit that I'm related to these two?
Cousin Rena.

Having so many guests at our house reaffirmed how beautiful and unusual our property is. After the wedding, I spent a few evenings strolling around with my camera. Here are a few shots from my wanderings. (Mom and Dad, can you identify where all of them were taken?)




Sheralyn Barnes said...

Great photos Nan!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Nan!