Sunday, April 15, 2012

AP Delhi Trip

Back in February, we jump-started the semester with a four-day field trip to Delhi. This was the beginning of my "chaperon quarter" - a quarter filled with leading students off-campus. I spear-headed the trip, but thankfully had two friends/colleagues to help chaperon the 16 senior AP Studio Art students. It amazes me how comfortable Delhi has become to me. The students were bewildered when I said we'd be walking and metro-ing whenever possible. It feels good to get them out of their private car/private driver bubble every now and again.

The trip was great. We visited the National Gallery of Modern Art, Lodi Gardens, India Habitat Center, Hauz Khas galleries and ruins, the best art supply shop in Delhi, and Vadehra Art Gallery. The highlight was definitely a Yoko Ono exhibit which totally blew the students' minds. Unfortunately, we couldn't take photos in the exhibit. No doubt it will be the most memorable, and not just because of the adventure it took to get there. (Letting students pile into a variety of shared rickshaws unchaperoned and without specific directions to the destination definitely makes life exciting.)

Outside NGMA.

Group photo at NGMA.

Sketching at Lodi Gardens.

India Habitat Center

Outdoor photography exhibit at IHC.

Delhi Art Gallery, Hauz Khas.

A tour at DAG.

Sketching at Hauz Khas ruins.

Contributing to Yoko Ono's Wish Tree.


Instructions for Mend Piece for India by Yoko Ono.
Courtesy Vadehra Art Gallery

Mend Piece for India.
Courtesy Vadehra Art Gallery

A lot of these photos are Zach's, but I can't remember which.

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