Monday, April 2, 2012

Parents - Delhi and Mussoorie

The grand finale of my winter travels was meeting my parents in Delhi. We spent a few days exploring Delhi, mostly by foot and by metro, and then headed up to Mussoorie. They stayed with me for about 10 days total. Unfortunately, their visit coincided with the coldest part of the year. It looks deceivingly warm outside, but without central heating the house gets really, really cold. We spent most evening huddled up by the wood-stove. 

I was busy with staff meetings and the arrival of students, but we managed to carve out time for adventures in the area and lots of meals with friends/co-workers. (They should visit more often - my popularity went up immensely.)

All in all, it was great to spend so much time with them. I'm so thankful they are willing and able to come visit!

(Most photos are theirs...)

Big breakfast at Habitat Center in Delhi.

Habitat Center - iceberg or sculpture? Both?

Republic Day in Delhi - everyone was out for a picnic!

Lodi Gardens

Camel parade for Republic Day.

Being art teachers - National Gallery of Modern Art.

Nek Chand sculptures.

Dad always gets excited about how you
can find your name taped to the train you're

At my house!

Bandarpunch in the distance.

Lots of snow.

Making fire starters with Emily and Forest. 

Getting my classroom ready.

Chai and 12 layers.

Cooking lesson with Saroj.

Exploring the loom room at the Leprosy Colony in

Funny railing.

Sorting through all the stacks.

Dad passing on kiln ideas to Lalitha.

Kutty and I.

Caught red-handed.

Char Dukan.

The beginning of a Wai Wai addiction.

My all-time fav - BUN OMELETTE.
That's butter, not cheese.

Dad was excited to get boots made.

Sunset over the snow-caps at Flag Hill.


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